Perlmutter, Izsák

Permutter, Izsák Sitting Women with Hat, Cleo   20×15cm etching on paper  Signed bottom right. Perlmutter Izsák

Painter. He studied art at Gusztáv Magyar Mannheimer and Bertalan Karlovszky.

He studied at the Julian Academy for a few months in 1891, then returned to Hungary and became a pupil of Sándor Bihari.

After his trip to Paris in 1894, he lived in the Netherlands from 1898 to 1904 where he painted mostly landscapes ("Street in Laren") and genre pictures ("Sunday Visit", "Prayer", etc.).

After returning to Hungary, he lived in Szolnok and later in Besztercebánya.

His pictures reflect the influence of French impressionism and surrealism. "Peasant Room" is his most significant picture on folk art.

His self-portrait is in the possession of the Uffizi, Florence.