Zsolnay 1901 16,5×21,5×21,5cm
Zsolnay 1901 16,5×21,5×21,5cm.
Zsolnay 1901 16,5×21,5×21,5cm..
Zsolnay: 27×38cm
Zsolnay 20×38cm
Zsolnay H:26cm
Zsolnay Vase, 1905 Lajos Mack H:45,5cm Reproduced
Zsolnay Vase with Flowers, 1903 Géza Nikelszky H:40×21cm Reproduced
Centerpiece, 1903 Plan of Lajos Mack H: 13,5cm L: 27.3cm Signed

History of the Zsolnay Manufactory 1853 Factory established in Pécs by Miklós Zsolnay. 1854 Factory signed over to his oldest son Ignác Zsolnay. 1864 Vilmos Zsolnay purchased the factory from his older brother. 1873 World Exhibition in Vienna. 1878 World Exhibition in Paris. 1879-1880 International Exhibition in Sidney and Melbourne. 1893 The production of Eozin glaze starts. (reduced glase with iridescent lustre) 1896 National Millennial Exhibition. 1897-1899 New young artists were employed by Vilmos Zsolnay. 1900 Death of Vilmos Zsolnay. His son Miklós Zsolnay becomes director of the factory. 1901 International Exhibition in St.Petersburg. 1902 International Exhibition in Turin. 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. 1906 Wold Exhibition in Milan. 1908 International Exhibition in London and Faenza. 1910 World Exhibition in Bussel. 1911 International Exhibition in Turin. 1922 Death of Miklós Zsolnay. 1948 The Factory was nationalized. 2003 Anniversary of Vilmos Zsolnay's 175th birthday and 150th anniversary of the factory.

A list of Zsolnay family members and artists who worked in the Zsolnay Manufactory during the Art Nouveau period.

Zsolnay, Miklós (1800-1880)

Zsolnay, Ignác (1826-1900)

Zsolnay, Vilmos (1828-1900)

Zsolnay, Teréz (1854-1944)

Zsolnay, Júlia (1856-1950)

Zsolnay, Miklós (1857-1922)

Sikorski,Tádé (1852-1940)

Mattyasovszky, László (1885-1935)

Apáti Abt, Sándor (1870-1916)

Mack, Lajos (1876-1963)

Nikelszky, Géza (1877-1966)

Darilek, Henrik (1878-1963)

Hidasy Pilló, Sándor (1886-1997)

Kapás Nagy, Mihály (1861-1927)

Rippl-Rónai, József (1861-1927)

Christiansen Hans (1866-1945)


Source: Zsolnay-Masterpieces of Hungarian Art Nouveau 2003.-Elite Design