Vaszary, János (1867-1939)

János Vaszary Female Nude, 1906 70×50cm oil on canvas Signed upper right: Vaszary 1906
Vaszary, János Sitting Woman with the White Shirt, 1917 52×49.5cm oil on canvas Signed upper left: Vaszary 917
Alassio beach, 1933 22×31cm pencil on paper Signed bottom right: Vaszary Alassio 933
Standing women on the Balcony, 1933  28×19cm  pencil on paper  Signed upper right: Alassio 933 Vaszary

His masters included Bertalan Székely at the School of Decorative Art. He went on with his studies in Munich and at the Julian Academy in Paris. He was particularly influenced by Bastien-Lepage and Puvi de Chevannes. He painted pictures with a social message ("Servant", 1902). His pictures on soldiers of World War I are particularly moving. Later he painted expressionistic visions ("Golgotha"). His style, witty and superficial as influenced by French art, often changed. The influence of Les Fauves, Matisse, Dufy and Van Dongen are present in his works. After his visit to Paris, he painted pictures of towns in delicate colours. As a teacher of art, he supported avantgarde trends.