Schönberger, Armand (1885-1974)

Still-Life, 1926   70×61cm oil on canvas  Signed upper left: Schönberger A. 1926
Man with The Book, 1933 61×41cm oil on canvas Signed upper right: Schönberger A

First he learnt drawing by copying pictures of Munkácsy in the possession of the National Museum, then attended an evening course on painting nudes in the School of Decorative Arts. In Munich Anton Ażbé taught him free of charge at his private academy. He worked under Károly Ferenczy in the Nagybánya School in 1906, then became a pupil of Grand-Chaumiere in Paris. He was very much impressed by an exhibition of the young Picasso. Later Schönberger and Lajos Kassák became close friends and founded the group of the "Sevens" where János Kmetty, József Nemes Lampért and Béla Uitz were members. He joined the New Society of Artists where he was a member since its foundation. Although he was a painter, he produced statues, too. After being less influenced by German expressionism, he tried to express the dynamics of movement with the tools of futurism and the structure of cubism. His late works were characteristic of a synthesizing harmony. His colours became more reduced with shades of grey dominating his later pictures.

Source : Hungarian National Gallery