Ferenczy, Károly (1872-1917)

Károly Ferenczy  Good Samaritan, 1889   32,5×36,5cm oil on canvas No Sign,  Reproduced
Károly Ferenczy    Still-Life of the Venus Sculpture, 1908  57×34cm oil on canvas Signed upper right: Ferenczy Károly   Reproduced

It was not before completing his law studies and graduating from the College of Economy that Ferenczy took up painting, primarily as a result of his future wife's influence. After travelling in Italy, he began studying at the Julian Academy in Paris in 1887. In 1889 be moved to Szentendre, a small town near Budapest, and painted in naturalistic style showing the influence of Bastien-Lepage. Between 1893 and 1896 he lived in Munich with his family: There he joined the circle of Simon Hollósy: with whom he moved to Nagybánya in 1896 and became the leading figure of the artist colony established in that small Transylvanian town. Of the Nagybánya painters representing plein-air painting, he was the first to have great success in 1903, when his paintings were exhibited in Budapest. After 1906 he moved to Budapest and became a professor a the School of Drawing the predecessor of the College of Fine Arts, spending only the summers at Nagybánya. During his last creative period he mostly painted decorative pictures of nudes.

Source: hung-art.hu